Overwatch's Archives event is now live

Retribution, the new PvE mission in Overwatch, is available to play today. The three-player co-op mission, as well as last year’s PvE mission Uprising, will be available to play from today until May 1. Blizzard announced that both of these missions are part of a new PvE focused mode called Archives. Archives will allow players to experience key moments from the lore of the game. Game director Jeff Kaplan indicated that new installments were expected to release annually.

CD Projekt RED employees debate studio conditions

Some employees of developer CD Projekt RED have been negatively reviewing the studio online, raising discussion around working conditions and prompting a response from the company heads. The battle of reviews has been happening over the past several weeks on career website Glass Door, with some employees writing scathing critiques of working conditions in the studio, while others are defending it. CD Projekt RED currently has an aggregate score of 3.1/5 on the site.

Cheaters being sued by Epic games: "Epic eat my ass"

Epic Games is suing two people who allegedly used an aimbotting service to kill streamers playing Fortnite's Battle Royale mode. Those wishing to cheat in Fortnite and other titles can use a certain website we won't name here to modify a game's source code, which allows them to automatically track players so manual aiming is not required. This of course makes it incredibly easy to kill other players in PvP matches.
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